Touchpad not working on Linux Mint

I searched for a very long time and I can’t find anything that fixes the issue.

My issue is not only that my touchpad doesn’t work, but that it isn’t detected.

The command from the debian wiki returns nothing (egrep -i 'synap|alps|etps' /proc/bus/input/devices)

Built version:

$ uname -a
Linux slava-Aspire-E5-773G 3.19.0-32-generic #37~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 22 09:41:40 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I suspect that it is a driver issue, however I have no idea how to check that and even less fix it.

A fix or debugging assistance would be very nice ^^

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Wamp stoped working after i installed Composer in-light me


There is an error.

There is Wampserver path (c:/wamp64)
into Windows PATH environnement variable: (C:wamp64binphpphp5.6.35)

It seems that a PHP installation is declared in the environment variable PATH

Wampserver does not use, modify or require the PATH environment variable.
Using a PATH on Wampserver or PHP version
is detrimental to the proper functioning of Wampserver.

Press ENTER to continue…

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preferredStatusBarStyle var not working in iOS12?


application.statusBarStyle = .lightContent

to my AppDelegate’s didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method nor adding

override var preferredStatusBarStyle: UIStatusBarStyle {
    return UIStatusBarStyle.lightContent

to the VC no longer works on iOS12/Xcode10

Any ideas?

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Logitech H390 USB headset not working on Ubuntu 18.04

Today, I bought a Logitech H390 USB headset and it doesn’t appear in my sound settings. Any help is appreciated!

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Touchpad features not working

I have a newly purchased HP 15 TX-202 notebook.

Two weeks after purchase, the scrolling, zooming or any other of such option (i.e. gestures) stopped working.

I’ve tried restoring it several times, and also did factory reset but nothing worked.

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freetuxtv installed in 14.04 is not working

I have installed freetuxtv and it went through the preferred language and installed my program list.

I tried an outdoor channel and it said “playing” but also showed an error message saying that the channel may be dead. I tried all the channels with the same result.

I reinstalled tuxtv and vlc again and also checked my flashplayer to see if it was installed with no joy.

How can I fix this?

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RFID stops working when I place the servo

I’ve successfully implemented Door Unlock system described in this tutorial.
At first I used Arduino Uno and RFID RC522 Reader and MG90S Micro servo.

When I used Arduino Uno with Arduino Pro Micro for arduino ATmega32U4 5V/16MHz, the RFID reader stops working after plugging the servo.
Since Arduino Pro Micro have only 5V output, I used resistors to downgrade 5V to 3V in order to poser the RFID reader. I used same output ‘vcc’ to select 5V for the servo and 3V converted to the reader.

The problem is that each component works perfectly independent of each other, however, when I place them together they stop working.

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Searching for a key in python dictionary using “If key in dict:” seemingly not working

I’m iterating through a csv file and checking whether a column is present as a key in a dictionary.

This is an example row in the CSV file


I’m checking whether the 5th column is a key in this dictionary

{162560: True, 165121: True, 162562: True, 153098: True, 168336: True}

I pass in this dict. as the var. mt_budgets in the following code

def check(self, mt_budgets):
    present = {}
    cwd = os.getcwd()
    path = cwd 
    with open(path + 'file.csv.part') as f:
        csv_f = csv.reader(f)
        for row in csv_f:
            if row[4] == '162560':
                print 'Yes STRING'
                if str(row[4]) in mt_budgets:
                    print 'Yes it's here'
                    present[row[4]] = True
                    print 'No it's not'
                    print row[4]
                    print mt_budgets

This is the output I’m getting

No it's not
{162560: True, 165121: True, 162562: True, 153098: True, 168336: True}

I’m not sure why it’s not picking it up as a key, what’s going on here?


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RAMdisk causes Synaptics touchpad to stop working

I have been having a problem lately with my Synaptics V1.7 touchpad. Everytime I start RAMdisk, my laptop’s touchpad stops working. I have searched all over the internet, but can’t find a single solution. I have only found one, inconvenient “workaround” – use external USB mouse however much of the time that is not viable. I have also tried disabling and reenabling the touchpad device, however the settings window always freezes and never actually disables, much less reenable. Hard reboot is the only way to fix crashed setting window

any solution would be awesome. Thank you

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Three finger flick not working as expected

I’ve got a Lenovo y580 with both Windows 7 and Windows 8 installed. When I first installed Windows 8, the three finger flick to go back or forward a page in an internet or file browser worked fine. But now, when I three finger flick backwards, instead of going to the last page I was at, it goes to the very first page I accessed (like continually going back in my history until I cannot go back any further.) The same happens with forward click.

The flick works fine in my Windows 7 installation which makes me wonder if this a registry setting somewhere that got messed up?

There is no setting to control exactly what a three-finger flick does in the Synaptics driver that I can find. Any ideas how to fix this?

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