Is it wrong to refuse to work a shift I don’t feel comfortable working those hours?

I work at a hotel and there is someone at the front desk 24/7. I once volunteered to work overnights because I love to cook but a few incidents happened and I no longer feel comfortable working those hours, especially alone (there is only ever one person on shift unless we are training). I tried locking the doors and staying preoccupied to avoid thinking about it but I am a paranoid person since those incidents.

The graveyard shift is manageable during weekdays, I was originally only supposed to work two nights (Monday and Tuesday) where there is less going on but recently the schedule changed due to a new hire and now I have to work three nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and those are the nights where everyone parties and gets drunk. I am a young woman (20) and not at all intimidating to men who are twice my age and tower over me (I’m 5’5″).

I have voiced my concerns and how uncomfortable I am working those hours now so much so that she hired a second new girl to take my night shifts whom was let go due to reasons. I asked if she will be hiring another person so that I could be moved off of night shift and she said no, I then asked if I could possibly not do night shift on the weekends seeing as those are the nights I don’t feel comfortable working (I did offer to work the evening shift on the weekends instead) and she said that I didn’t have a choice on what days I did night shift because full time night shift works the weekdays and part time night shift works the weekends. I also brought up that with the old schedule I was working the evenings on the weekend and then did my two nights of night shift and asked if we could go back to that and she once again denied me and said that I had to work the three night shifts now instead of two.

I’m just wondering if I have a right to refuse to work the night shift due to me not feeling comfortable and safe during the overnight hours, especially on the weekends? I don’t want to cause problems at work but I also don’t want to work shifts where I don’t feel safe. Everyone I talked to just tells me to lock the doors but even then, what about the people that are inside the hotel? I also have to cook breakfast and where the kitchen and continental area are located I am not on camera and I get paranoid about anythin

Usb sound card and mic not working

I have connected a usb sound card to my rpi 3 model B but the problem is even though the speaker connected through the sound card is working the mic is not. If I try

arecord -d 10 -D hw:0,0 -r 16000 -f S16_LE -c1 /home/pi/mic-test.wav


arecord --device=hw:0,0 --format S16_LE --rate 44100 -c1 test.wav

I get only noise which is there even if I remove the mic from the sound card

I have made the USB audio card index = 0
Please help.

Term translations not working as View’s path contextual filter

Let’s say you have a taxonomy called Animals and you have terms like Dog, Cat, Horse, etc. Every term has its translation, so for example for dogs you have Hund and Chien. Now you want to make a View which generates a page that lists content tagged with the Animals term reference, contextually filtering the tag based on the URL part.

And this is the part I’m having difficulties with.
The contextual filter I made works perfectly with source language values and converts properly to term ID. So I’m getting correct listing (both in preview pane and generated page) for /animals/dog but incorrect for /tiere/hund.

The contextual filter is set to Content: Animal Genre (Translated) and validation to Localised term or synonym converted to term ID (actually I tried perhaps every possible combination of i18n and non-i18n options here, no joy).

I trie out another solution – with Content: Has taxonomy term ID + relationship (as described here).

Is it something I’m not setting up correctly or is there a bug around i18n, Views, i18nviews…? I’d be grateful for any guidance

Relative URL not working

I’m creating a web application using MVC framework and when I switch to different Views, my images don’t load. I’m 100% sure it’s because of the URL. I searched for solutions and tried them but still end up nowhere.

Here’s my file structure:

enter image description here

The main.php is the one I just described above. Here’s what’s on it:

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If you see my and tags, you’ll notice I have two tags for the same file but using different paths. I wanted to do that with the images as well, but because there’s only one src attribute. The problem occurs when I go to other Views, for example, users/index.php The images don’t load unless I change the URL for the src attribute to ../assets/images/50th_theme.jpg But when I do this, main.php gets affected. Can anyone suggest some relative URL to use. I really can’t figure it out.

I’ve tried these:





Working your way up in a society [on hold]

Many works of fiction are showing protagonist arriving in a new world with nothing but the clothes on his back, and quickly advancing to a remarkably high position. I am trying to understand what is really possible, and how long it would take for a person, without any additional luck, to get to at least an average level in a society.

For the purpose of this question, assume that the world is very similar to modern day USA. Our protagonist arrives without a penny or anything that is valuable, but he is fluent in local language, healthy and his “papers” are in good order (i.e. he won’t be deported to this world’s equivalent of Mexico right away).


  • There are no educational records or records of previous employment;
  • At the beginning, there is not even a place for him to sleep;
  • There is no friend or acquaintance that can help him;
  • He has no special talent or professional job experience (but can
    learn anything just like anyone else), he doesn’t have an invention in mind that is unknown in this world;
  • His look and accent may mark him as an outsider, but there would be no real prejudice against him;
  • He can’t do anything criminal or morally ambiguous, like selling his body or parts of it. Can’t take high-risk jobs or engage in risky behavior (ex. sleep on the street in a high crime area);
  • There is no luck that can help him to advance;

How quickly this person get to make an average income (currently in US average household income is about $60K/year)?

EDIT: He is intelligent (just above the average), but not super smart. He can easily finish college, but he can’t get his tuition paid just by his smarts, like Kvothe. He is motivated and hard-working, but not to the extreme. Let’s assume that he needs to sleep 8 hours on most nights, but would be willing to spend his free hours working or studying.

Checkout page not working on SOME computers

I’m using Magento and I have a checkout page where all fields of the checkout page are displayed on the page at the same time. It was working fine until about 2 weeks ago. Now after I enter my shipping information suddenly some fields I cannot click on. The mouse just stays as an arrow and I am unable to select shipping method, enter credit card info or even go back and change my name. Some fields remain clickable but not all. And here’s the kicker: my developers CANNOT reproduce the problem! They say everything is fine when they try it (they aren’t local). Why would this problem occur for some and not others? (yes we had customers call with the same issue)

Yes, I tried different browsers which are all up to date and it still happens. Java is up to date, my computer OS is up to date (it happens on MAC and PC, but I am using a PC).

Can ANYONE offer me ANY possibility why this might be happening??

Outdoor patio heater stops working after use

I bought one of those 8 foot patio heaters that use a 20 gallon propane tank to replace my old one.

It will run fine for a couple of hours on a full tank and then behave like it is running out of gas. Until eventually not being able to heat at all. If I leave it off for an hour and start it back up then it runs better and can heat. If I leave it until the next night then it runs 100% until degrading slowly again.

This sounds like it is directly related to the components heating up.

My old one that I used for many years never exhibited this problem so I think I can rule out my tanks and environment.

My guess is that some metal parts in the new heater are not made of the same metal parts as in the old heater. That the metal is inferior for the task and is expanding more under heat and restricting gas flow. But that is just my wild uninformed guess.

It was suggested that I return it but how am I going to prove it’s not behaving properly and if its a problem with the design getting a replacement won’t help.

I am thinking of changing the regulator with the one from my old unit next.