Question: How many people would fit in this city?

Not a riddle just curiousity.
-Imagine a city 10 miles by 10 Miles (Thus making entirely 100 sq miles in a perfect square)
-The streets are aligned in a perfect grid system for its streets, meaning that no diagonal streets exist. Each street has 7 Lanes. 4 for traveling, 2 on each side for parking and a left turn median.
-The city uses 310 by 310 sq ft city blocks and uses a sidewalk width of 10 feet
-There are only skyscrapers in this city with no max height other than the max for saftey from the altitude in the atmosphere

How many people would fit in this area given:
-The skyscrapers are only used for residential purposes with 400 sf per resident
-There is no indoor spaces allocated for public or private firms, insitutions, or offices
-The Land in the city is entirely flat thus allowing a street gird system

How many blocks would there be?
How many Rows of longitudial and latitudial streets would there be?