How would you redesign and revamp the city transit system?

Suppose we have a very crowded city. 118.29 sq mile and population 7.001 million. Now the government made you the prime architect of the city and have to solve the extreme traffic jam problem. We cannot build subway underneath the ground because land is muddy and wet deep underneath.

There are lots of buildings and densely situated and no space inside the city to build a pillar for metro or LRT (Light Railway Transit) or no space for Maglev. There are a couple of highways and flyovers but they are jam-packed. The main transit is rickshaws, taxis, buses, cars, vans, and private cars. If you were an architect of that city how would you have solved that traffic jam problem?

Right now the city is centralized. Would you decentralize each city in each province and build independent and best hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, clinics in those cities of each province so people don’t have to come to the city frequently?

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How would you express giving a command to yourself in Spanish?

As there is no singular first person imperative form for Spanish verbs (as far as I know), I was wondering whether there is an equivalent to the, possibly idiomatic, English expression of a person giving themselves a command.

E.g. Someone trying to answer a question and saying to themselves ‘Think!’

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How would i get a point on a sphere?

So im trying to get a point on a sphere via an angle.

double X = Math.Cos(pitch * (Math.PI / 180));
double Y = Math.Sin(pitch * (Math.PI / 180)) * Math.Sin(yaw * (Math.PI / 180));
double Z = Math.Sin(pitch * (Math.PI / 180)) * Math.Cos(yaw * (Math.PI / 180));

I’ve tried this, but the point it outputs seems to be clamped to the XZ axis, and increasing/decreasing the yaw doesn’t do anything to the point it spits out.

I cant figure out whats wrong with this code? Could someone help me identify the problem?

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If we had more female leaders than male leaders would peace usher in this world?

If you look at the pages of history there are more male dictators and demigods who started genocide and wars than females.

Do you think if we had more female leaders around the world the world would be more peaceful?

As a male, I think so. Don’t you?

Please don’t take it offensively all the men here or I am not putting down females. But it’s my personal opinion. I believe most females have the motherhood component or element naturally. So they are naturally compassionate, sympathetic and empathetic. That is my personal argument to justify my statement.

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How would a “one-way” fixed exchange rate backed by destroying foreign currency work?

Note: This question may seem really pointless, but it’s actually in the context of a cryptocurrency idea I am developing, but I posed it this way as the question is not really about cryptocurrencies at all, but rather the impact of a bizarre monetary policy on exchange rates.

The Republic of Nowhereland follows a rather peculiar monetary policy: new Nowhereland dollars (NWD) are created by destroying an equivalent number of US dollars, at a fixed 1:1 ratio. Anybody can go to the central bank with any quantity of USD, ritually burn it in front of a bank official, and receive freshly printed NWD. In fact, NWD banknotes are inscribed with text saying

100 Dollars, Sacrificed to the Gods, at the Central Bank of Nowhereland

or some other denomination. Even the central bank itself is strictly forbidden from creating NWD without destroying an equivalent amount of USD.

Otherwise, the central bank does not interfere in any way with the foreign exchange market, and NWD is fully convertible in every sense. The government does not even have significant foreign exchange reserves.

My question is, what sort of implications, especially on the NWD/USD market exchange rate, would such a system of currency issuance have? Obviously, the NWD will never be valued significantly above the USD, since otherwise burning USD at the central bank would be profitable, and the supply of NWD will rapidly grow until it’s no longer profitable to do so.

On the other hand, assuming the Nowherelandish economy grows more than it contracts, it seems like a NWD priced significantly lower than the USD would be unrealistic, as in this case the money supply will never grow. This would cause the NWD to appreciate until hitting the 1:1 ratio when burning NWD becomes profitable again. Also, it seems like this would be anticipated by forex traders, so everybody would buy NWD whenever it’s cheaper than USD, so the NWD would essentially be pegged to the USD.

Is my reasoning correct, or am I missing something major? Why are there no real-life currencies backed by such a “one-way” currency board? It seems like it would allow currencies to be soft-pegged to another currency, without incurring any obligations for the central bank to buy its own currency at a fixed rate.

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How easy would it be to undo the Chequers commitment to regulatory alignment for goods?

Would agreeing the Chequers Whitepaper mean that the UK would be committed by treaty to regulatory alignment of goods with the EU?

How easy would this be to unpick after it had been agreed, to permit regulatory divergence?

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What is difference between these three sentences- “would”, “would have”, and “will”

1.Tag those who’ll attend her concert

2.Tag those who’d attend her concert

3.Tag those who’d have attended her concert

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I would like to know how to draw protocol flaw like the following picture?

I would like to know how to draw protocol flaw like the following picture? I don’t know how to draw it exactly.

enter image description here

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What would happen if all female humans on earth died? [on hold]

Say if all the female humans were infected by a disease and all of them die, as this disease affects only female.

Even if some male gives birth to a female child, it will die as environment on Earth is affected all over and the disease is present.

How long will humans as race will exist on Earth under this condition. What all measures we can take to continue the human race.

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what would bacterial DNA look like if replication was not successful

you suspect that an antibiotic targets the bacterial replication machinery, so you conduct an experiment you add all the components needed for replication, an original DNA and a radioactively dNTPs to two test tubes and add the the drug to the experimental tube. all new DNA generated in the replication will be radioactive (hot). draw the types of DNA you will see after one round and after two rounds of replication for both the experimental tube and control tube.

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