Timeout to keep or reset settings when configuring displays

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 on my Lenovo W540, and I want to connect three external displays to it through the “Ultra Dock” docking station, and not use the build-in display. According to the manual one display has to connect through VGA, the second through DVI or DP (my display don’t have a DVI port, so it must be DP), and the third through HDMI or DP. Using VGA+DP+HDMI works, however the display connected through HDMI keeps flickering every 10 seconds or so. Instead of the HDMI cable I can also use a Mini DP cable and connect it directly to the laptop, that works fine, is however annoying if I take the laptop off the docking station.

I’d like to try using VGA+DP+DP, however then I have this problem: I can configure the settings, then apply them. After a couple of seconds all three displays are connected and I can move my mouse across all three. However the box with the question “do you want to keep these display settings [Keep] [Revert]” seems to take more than 15 seconds to display, so after 15 seconds it automatically reverts, and THEN shows the box, making it pointless at that moment…

With all other connections the box takes a long time as well, but usually appears a seconds or two before it would revert, so I just got enough time to hit “Keep”. It seems to be faster if I add one display after another, not enabling all three displays at once, but even that doesn’t help with VGA+DP+DP.

Is there a way to increase the timeout of this box, or if need to be disable it completely?

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