Wargames with multiple maps (of same terrain)

Am trying to find all possible variations of more than one map covering the same terrain. Examples:

  • Different scale. In, e.g., Gulf Strike and Task Force there is one “strategic” map and one “tactical” map, and the locations map directly in some mathematical way. This is also common in computer games.

  • Focus. In Malaya 1941-42 and Singapore, the area around Singapore is shown both on the normal, large map and also on a small sub-map in finer granularity. The link between the “same” locations on the two maps is idiosyncratic.

  • Direct overlap. For example in the Europa series, sections of various maps overlap, so that the same locations have two different coordinates.

Am wondering if there are any other possibilities? Would also be interested in more examples of the first two cases.

Addition: am mainly interested in historical wargames, but e.g. fantasy or sci-fi is also fine.

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