What to do about my 2-year-old crying and screaming at daycare?

My daughter is 2 years old and in daycare where I work. She started there when she was 13 months old. It took her about a week to adjust to that room which was to be expected. I have worked in daycare for 20 years so I know how that works.

At the end of August she moved up to the 2-year-old room. She screamed for the first week, then stopped for a couple of days and then started again worse than ever. She screams literally all day, I hear her through both closed doors.

We have tried ignoring, rewarding, time out, distracting, everything – nothing works. She screams so much she has no voice. I have completely run out of ideas. At first, I thought it was the room, but they even moved her to the other toddler room for a day to try and she cried there too. Please help.

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