Xarray – daily averages from hourly data in multiple files

I have 5 netcdf files from moored current meters.Each file looks like this:

Dimensions:     (BINDEPTH: 50, INSTRDEPTH: 3, LATITUDE: 5, LONGITUDE: 5, TIME: 44106)
* INSTRDEPTH  (INSTRDEPTH) float64 100.0 280.0 600.0
* LATITUDE    (LATITUDE) float64 -34.04 -33.8 -33.67 -33.56 -33.51
* LONGITUDE   (LONGITUDE) float64 27.57 27.59 27.64 27.72 27.86
* TIME        (TIME) datetime64[ns] 2015-04-11T15:00:00 ...
Dimensions without coordinates: BINDEPTH
Data variables:
PRES        (TIME, INSTRDEPTH) float32 dask.array
VCUR        (TIME, BINDEPTH) float32 dask.array
UCUR        (TIME, BINDEPTH) float32 dask.array
WCUR        (TIME, BINDEPTH) float32 dask.array
ECUR        (TIME, BINDEPTH) float32 dask.array

I am trying to plot vertical sections of the data i.e plt.contourf(distance,BINDEPTH,VCUR)

I am able to do this with specific timestamps but seem to be struggling with crating daily averages and plotting the results. Here is an example of what im expecting:
enter image description here

To create daily averages iv tried:

data2 = data.resample(TIME='1D').mean('TIME')
data3 = data2.sel(TIME='2015-6-15')

This produces:enter image description here

It seems to be averaging over position and time, so how do I average over time only?

Thanks very much

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